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Why Natural Trauma Healing?

Body Oriented Trauma Therapy

Trauma needs to be processed on all 5 levels of consciousness for it to be fully processed, integrated and resolved.


These 5 levels are:

  • Physical - Body Symptoms; Muscles, Tissues, Organs, Problems with; Fertility,  Gut, Adrenals, Immunity, Sleep, Eating Issues, cancer, Hormonal imbalances, Allergies

  • Emotional - Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Anger, Guilt, Shame, ADD, ADHD

  • Mental - Your thoughts about what happened to you

  • Spiritual - Connection to self and others

  • Energetic - How much energy you have.


The Therapies

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Meet Mihoko

Mihoko (Manami) is a Somatic Experiencing, NARM and Cranio Sacral Practitioner. Her strong interest in SE bodywork led her to Kathy Kain’s work and she has completed Touch Skills Training for Trauma Therapist, Somatic Resilience and Regulation: Early Trauma. Her nervous system regulation work is complemented by her 20 years experience as a bodyworker. Mihoko also completed the NARM training with Dr. Laurence Heller (co- author of “Healing Developmental Trauma”) , ISP Integrated Somatic Psychotherapy training with Dr.Raja Selvum in USA,  Organic Intelligence® and Dr. Aline LaPierre’s NeuroAffective Touch™ training in USA.

Mihoko integrates all her learning, which include Shintoism, Mindfulness practice, Hypnotherapy, Brainspotting, Esalen massage therapy and various knowledge gained from Japanese and Indonesian holistic healing cultures. Through her work she has been fascinated by Neuroplasticity and has enjoyed supporting client’s innate wisdom of movement towards coherence. Mihoko works in collaboration with the Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy team at Abeles Consulting in Sydney and has a private practice on the NSW Central Coast. She has also worked as an interpreter, assisting at Esalen Institute courses and setting up well-being study courses in Bali and Tokyo. 

Natural Trauma Healing

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